Keep your Windows OS Updates Current

Have buggy problems with your PC? Make sure your Windows updates, equipment drivers and firmware are current. service packs are released to solve these issues that arrise when New Versions of Windows are released.
Know what the life cycle of your operating system is. Offten you assume “oh i havent had it that long ” and it has been 5 years.

Check out the list here  Windows lifecycle FAQ   

Once a Microsoft operating system (OS) reaches the end of support, customers will no longer receive technical assistance, software updates, or security fixes. Your OS may still work with programs and hardware after the sale or support of the operating system has been discontinued. However, the possibility increases that new programs and hardware will not be performant on an older OS. This occurs because the manufacturers of new hardware and software developers make product-design decisions that take advantage of the increased functionality and features in newer operating systems. Manufacturers may decide to discontinue support of their products on older operating systems as appropriate.
So stay up to date! This will releve you of some of your fustrations.

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