Why Use Linkedin ?

Who needs Linkedin?

Linkedin – Who Needs it and why?

Why Use LinkedIn ? This is a question that is asked quite often. Some believe that LinkedIn is only for those looking for a job. Often people think they are too busy to take the time to create a good profile. On and on excuses go and why argue. Everyone gets to make their own choices. So lets take a look and why utilization of LinkedIn is such a valuable tool for today’s business people. Whether you are fully employed, secure and happy with your job, or a job seeker LinkedIn can help you. Whether you are an independent consultant,  a Realtor, a plumber, a programmer, a health care professional, an actor or a recent graduate, LinkedIn is a tool to help further your career and those to whom you are connected.

In today’s world it is not uncommon to look up or Google someone to see what can be learned about them and their background. Often this will precede an interview or a business transaction. Sometimes it happens after a proposal is received. Looking at another’s background sometimes will help make choices easier.  Stories abound about interviewers looking up a LinkedIn profile of the person they are interviewing while they are interviewing them. I know personally of one person denied and interview because his LinkedIn was sloppy.  Note I said denied an interview. Although he was very qualified, he was rejected. Lucky for him the interviewer was kind enough to tell him why,  Others may not have been so lucky.

In today’s open world your background and your connections will speak about your history and experience.  Here are  some points to consider concerning LinkedIn

What LinkedIn can do for me:

  • Give insight into hot topics in your industry
  • Maintain contacts with your industry professionals
  • Become an influencer in your area of expertise through LinkedIn groups

What LinkedIn can do for others:

  • Endorse skills for others
  • Write recommendations for others

Actionable Items:

  • Fill out your profile completely and do it in detail. As time passes we often forget things we have done.
  • Connect with all your co-workers at your current company
  • Connect with co-workers at previous companies
  • Connect with vendors with whom you have a relationship
  • Connect with personal friends

LinkedIn adds power to your online presence. Lets all leverage this for ourselves and others.

Remember – You want a great LinkedIn Profile before you need it! Help yourself and help others. It is more than just a good idea!

For Those requesting an example LinkedIn Profile I offer mine.

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