Social Media 101 – Part 1 – The Buzz

Social Media Beginnings – Where to Start

Social Media Beginnings - Where to Start?

Social Media Beginnings – Where to Start?

Social Media Beginnings, The Question is what is it? Where do I start? It is the Buzz of this year (and probably several years) is the phrase Social Media. Everyone is an expert. Speakers everywhere are casting their nets to rake in clients. Webinars promise the answer. Social Media secrets are being revealed by executives and movement leaders everywhere. Each guru has their set of ‘secrets.’ The desire to find the magic bullet can be so intense that the research can go on and on and on. The list of things to do, sites to register, pages to write, search engine optimization tricks, branding , site metrics, return on investment, and a hundred more items seem to be beckoning to consume every minute of your day. What is one to do?

The larger companies can throw money at the problem hiring Social Media Manager positions paying 100K and more. Oh and there are so many positions we have Social Media Marketing Managers, Social Media Specialists, Social Media Copywriters, Social Media Community Managers, Social Media Brand Managers, and Social Media Strategists. How interesting, especially if you are a bigger company. Well this is just not going to fly for the small businesses who want to be noticed, to be found and to garner some of the glory of Social Media for their company without the stiff price tag. Well there are seminars, webinars, YouTube videos, free eBooks, eBooks for sale, hardback books, white papers and more information than one can digest is a thousand meals. It makes many give up and run for the hills screaming as the stream of techno-babble makes their headaches turn to permanent migraines. Their subsequent paranoia of not doing the right thing can turn into a phobia that stops all progress as they end up in a fetal position unable to take any action whatsoever. If you are a small business or an individual looking to grow your business, increase your reach, and engage with Social Media then you have come to the right place.

Social Media Beginnings

My focus at The Web Game is helping the little guy, keeping the costs down, minimizing the time drain and putting the foundational items in place so that with the least amount of time, you can maximize your return and visibility. Helping the business stay afloat can be a real challenge these days and making the business of Social Media understandable sometimes seems like an even bigger challenge. So lets take the steps that build a solid foundation and move forward. The impact of the internet and social media is coming forward, and in today’s connected world, cannot be ignored. Lets take some foundational steps to get things into position to move forward into this 21st century! Social Media work cannot be done all at once. So lets get going with some basics. See you in the next post.

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